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Display advertising

In the field of display advertising, we mainly specialize in branded and non-standard formats, from branding to interesting 3D formats.

However, we can also work very well in the field of classic banners and CPC.

Negotiation of purchase terms

For our clients, we take care of negotiating the best possible conditions within all the countries of their scope – thanks to the accumulation of several budgets, we rank among the first in terms of space negotiations in CEE.

Planning media kits

We work with the planning of individual regional campaigns up to the planning of the strategy of year-round display campaigns within CEE.

Conception and realization of creatives

At the same time, we like to come up with new creatives for our clients, from 3D banners to various interactive brandings.

Czech Republic

A portfolio of more than 145 websites with an impact on more than 8 million RU


A portfolio of more than 105 sites with a reach of more than 3,8 million RU


A portfolio of more than 176 sites with a reach of more than 6 million RU


A portfolio of more than 44 sites with a reach of more than 15 million RU


A portfolio of more than 166 sites with a reach of more than 17 million RU


A portfolio of more than 65 sites with a reach of more than 6.4 million RU


A portfolio of more than 86 sites with a reach of more than 5.5 million RU


Within our portfolio, we always try to cooperate with quality partners and we always focus on the top 10 media houses according to the Gemius Rating of the given country. We work with a portfolio of websites with a reach of over 62 000 000 users per month. That is why we are able to select the website and the target group for your campaign always individually and precisely to the given requirements.


As part of the consulting activity, we can offer our experience in planning and negotiating space for clients such as Packeta, Datart, Alza, Bibloo, Zoot, Trido, Sony, Wargaming, etc.

Bibloo × Packeta, Zoot × Packeta

Campaign to increase shipping in the cart.

alza.cz + alza.sk + alza.hu

Cooperation on online campaigns across CZ/SK/HU market.


Planning and communication of display campaigns to support brand awareness.


Ensuring the purchase of display areas through the Czech and Slovak markets.


Communication of the new BraviaCore service. We chose ČSFD as one of the channels.

BIBLOO Romania

Increasing overall brand awareness within Romania as well