Planning and communication of display campaigns to support brand awareness.



We have been cooperating with Zásilkovna for the third year already. From 2021, within the group, we are in charge of planning and communicating display campaigns to support brand awareness, support app downloads and overall communication of all news. In addition to being ranked among the most downloaded apps, we ended 2021 with a milestone of over 3.5 million downloads of the “Shipping” app. In 2022, we continue to expand to other markets. This means negotiation of terms, strategic planning of campaigns and all this through the CEE region.

At the same time, we also process non-standard formats for Zásilkovna, such as interactive branding from Mafra or Ulož.to


The exclusivity of Zásilkovna

Campaign assignment – raising awareness of Z-Boxes throughout the Czech Republic. Thanks to non-standard formats and a well-thought-out campaign layout, we managed to reach more than 7 million unique users.

Zásilkovna x Mimibazar

For Zásilkovna, we also negotiated year-round cooperation at the Czech and Slovak Mimibazar. The goal is mainly long-term communication of products to the segment of mothers.

Our other successful projects


Ensuring the purchase of display areas through the Czech and Slovak markets.


Expanding awareness of the game while increasing website traffic.